Mild headache

For some people, it’s a common problem during the rainy season. Home remedies may helpful for minor and normal types, if you are experiencing a serious type of headache, then please consult your doctor.

Some home remedies:

  • Alactualiptus (Nilgiri) oil, As a traditional home remedy, using a few drops of alactualiptus (Nilgiri) oil in steaming water and breathing the same for a few minutes can give a big relief.
  • Ginger Decoction: It is known to reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels in our head. It can be taken as tea. Method: Boil the water and add half a spoon of organic dry ginger powder or sun-dried whole ginger, continue boiling for 10 to 15 minutes and let it settle for 10 minutes, then add a few drops of lemon. Sip.. feel the difference.