Lemon, is all we commonly know about it as a sour, bitter, acidic tasted fruit that is also a good source of vitamin C naturally. In Samskruta it called as Nimbu and also Jambira. It can be used for multi health benefits and also the same mentioned in Ayurveda.

Several health benefits:

As per resources, lemons are beneficial for those who are suffering from low BP problems, excessive weight problems, and digestive issues.

Low BP people: Can be taken in the morning empty stomach of 1 glass of lukewarm water with salt and fresh lemon juice.

In Weight Management: It’s believed that it will be a good practice if we take lemon juice without sugar in hot water every day for an hour after a meal.

For Digestive Issues: Eating 3 to 4 pieces of lemon with husk after a meal and a glass full of water after 30 minutes in regular habit can be more helpful in digestion.

These are not the limited benefits of lemon, we will update as we source authentically.